Prophetic Word for the 9th of November 2021

Prophetic Word for the 9th of November 2021 - Dark Clouds

Dark clouds are forming on the horizon. When you see them know that the rain is coming. The rain as it was in Noah's time. An evil flood is approaching rapidly. Stand ready to be my witnesses.

You will enter your purpose and destiny earlier than you may think and it will be different than most people believe. Access to New Zion for my chosen people but the main work on earth in your dedicated dwelling places.

Dark Clouds

The enemy is creating his evil empire in these dark clouds and many storms will develop in different nations. Storms that will bring much suffering to the ones who are part of the matrix of New Egypt.

A sinister and dark figure is getting ready to step into the open. The new Pharaoh is making himself ready to take over the whole earth but before that my harvest must be brought in.

Dark Clouds

When you see the dark clouds know that summer has ended and that you will face a long and mighty winter. Dark days ahead of you in which you need to walk in your full armor and surrounded by my light.

My Remnant Army is called to be the beacon of light in these moments of great tribulations for my whole creation. Be prepared that things are getting much more worse before they are getting better. Stand with me and my Kingdom at any time.


Triple Grace

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