Prophetic Word for the 9th of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 9th of March 2022 - Moving into Darkness

You are moving into new time frames. Into a whole new World full of Darkness. The evil empire is rising as predicted and what you see is just the beginning. An evil flood will cover the earth.

A long, very long night is lying ahead of you and I have asked you to prepare. Many do not head my warnings and they will suffer greatly when all their comfort and luxury will be taken away from them.

Moving into Darkness

My chosen vessels are prepared to operate in this darkness as my beacons of light and as the rocks in the storm. They are my powerful warriors on the battlefields and my ambassadors in the nations.

A new dawn of evil is here and you need to come together to support one another and to build the Safe Havens as I have called you to. Only when you listen to my voices then I can protect you in such a time as this.

Moving into Darkness

Before you only had my word and your faith but now you see the darkness like a huge wall coming towards you and soon the rain will start. If you have not boarded the Ark of Heaven yet then this is the last moment.

Do not remain in the world and think that your governments will help you. They are part of the evil flood and you will only hear lies and deceptions from them so that you all will become slaves in New Egypt. You are moving into Darkness.


Triple Grace

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