Prophetic Word for the 9th of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 9th of June 2021 - One for all

One will stand for all and all will stand for one. My remnant army is marching in complete unity ready to act as one. One mind, one heart and one soul for the Kingdom of God.

One warrior can rescue the whole army when he has enough faith and the whole army will not allow that even one warrior is declared missing in action. No one will be left behind.

One for all

It is this spirit of unity that makes my remnant army unbeatable no matter where I will send them. Satan has nothing that he can use to stop my harvest and my end time plan will be fulfilled.

All what he will see and experience is a wall. A wall of the most powerful warriors the earth has ever seen. And this wall will move towards him on every battlefield and even in his darkest places.

One for all

An army of Heaven based on faith and trust in one another is unstoppable and that is part of the reason why the victory is already achieved. Satan knows this and he tries to ensnare the people, who are in his hand, in the loop forever.

But no one not even a former angel of light can escape judgement. He has fallen like lightning and so will his demise be. Suddenly and quick will he be bound for a thousand years when my Son will return for his Millennium Kingdom. My remnant army will chase the enemy wherever they will find them until that day. No demonic spirit can withstand the light that my warriors are producing in unity. One for all!


Triple Grace

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