Prophetic Word for the 9th of July 2021

Daily prophetic Word for the 9th of July 2021 - Greater Exploits

Have I not told you that you will do even greater exploits then I have done? Why do you doubt my words only because you can not imagine what I have in store for you in your worldly minds.

Do not doubt my words but march before me through the places to which I will return when I come with Mount Zion. Now I am sending you out as my forerunners and I will give you my light so that you can do wonders and miracles.

Greater Exploits

I have done so with the first apostles and now is even a greater harvest to be won. The fields are white and ripe but the harvest workers are few. I know that more will volunteer at the last minute when they see me for 40 days on earth.

The ones who are ready need now to stand in unity and to wait for the Father to open the portal. Keep watching for me because I am so close and I am coming for the children and the brides.

Greater Exploits

After the Leah wedding all the harvest workers will go with me into the new place, the small heavenly Zion on earth, and from there will I start my 40 days on earth. Training and instructing the volunteered Leah and Rachel brides to fulfill their destinies.

At that time and moment you will be transformed and you will receive the mantles and gift needed to run the final race strong. Serve the Father as I have done before you. I will clothe you with my light so that you can walk as my images on earth. I was the true ambassador of my Father on earth.


Triple Grace

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