Prophetic Word for the 9th of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 9th of January 2022 - The Opening

My people are gathering at the door. The door to Heaven that only I can open. They seem anxious and each moment that passes is an attack on their faith and believe. When will the door open?

Stand ready and wait for the opening of the portal. It is closer than you think. This is not the time to return to the World but to stand for my heavenly Kingdom. I have gathered strong warriors for the end times.

The Opening

I am on the way to open the door in Heaven and to send my angels to collect you from the four corners of the earth. A great transport into Mount Zion and the Third Heaven is prepared.

I have sent my son Jesus for the little ones and the brides and now is the time of the 222 season in which the harvest workers will receive their tools and will enter the fields that are white as snow.

The Opening

I hold the keys of Heaven and the Universe and with these keys will I open the door that will allow you to reach your destiny and purpose on the earth. I am coming swiftly to open the door.

I am calling the children and the brides to be ready for the greatest transport the world has ever seen. All is prepared and my angels are waiting for the moment when they will step into your rooms to collect you. The Opening will fulfill your destiny.


Triple Grace

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