Prophetic Word for the 9th of February 2022

Prophetic Word for the 9th of February 2022 - Apostles and Disciples

The Son of Man is sent to choose the apostles and disciples for the upcoming harvest. He will breathe the Spirit onto the apostles and will walk with the disciples for 40 days until the great outpouring that will provide the Holy Spirit.

The Church of Ephesus and the Church of Smyrna are called into their destinies. The Rachel and the Leah brides who will stay on earth for the great harvest during the seal tribulations.

Apostles and Disciples

Both groups are very important. One are the foundation layers and the ones who will go through the loops and the others are the grass root workers that will stand against the Antichrist in the World.

They are both equally blessed by me and both will receive new gifts, mantles and all the resources they need. I am making sure that both groups will succeed and will be victorious for my Kingdom.

Apostles and Disciples

One group will operate as foundation layers and warriors on many battlefields even in other dimensions and realities and the other as harvest workers who will rescue my lost sheep from the bondage of Lucifer and his Antichrist.

They will be both brides of my only begotten Son and anointed co-heirs to the throne. They are my true Sons and Daughters that I have called for such a time as this. My humble workers and warriors that stand separated from the world for my Kingdom.


Triple Grace

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