Prophetic Word for the 9th of August 2022

Prophetic Word for the 9th of August 2022 - Hear the Spirit

My Spirit is speaking to my chosen vessels, the harvest workers and warriors, to stand up for my Kingdom and to be a witness to the Light, my son Jesus. The time of witnessing has come.

Many in the world rejecting the coming of my son as the sign of Jonah and they will also reject the spirit of repentance that will be placed into the nations. Therefore my judgements will fall on this wicked world.

Hear the Spirit

My Spirit is speaking loud and clear and all who are tuned into the Kingdom will hear the voice. You are called into your destiny as witnesses for my son Jesus in the nations. Do not fear but speak the truth boldly.

I have prepared you through dreams and visions for this moment in time when you shall follow the Spirit to oppose the lies and deceit of the enemy who claims ownership of the world. Stand up against the evil flood.

Hear the Spirit

Listen to my voice, write down your dreams and visions. Your Father is speaking to you. I will control your steps in the upcoming race towards my holy mountain. Towards Mount Zion.

The Spirit of Heaven was placed in your midst to guide you in this spiritual beginning of your destiny. Soon all will become more and more physical. But for now, listen to the voice of my Spirit and be a witness to the Light that has returned to the earth.


Triple Grace

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