Prophetic Word for the 9th of August 2021

Prophetic Word for the 9th of August 2021 - Reward

I am going to reward you for your faithfulness. Every day you watch for the return of my only begotten son Jesus and I see your faith towards your purpose and destiny on earth as my harvest workers.

You seek my Kingdom and its righteousness first and set it on the top of your list. You have come out of the World, Babylon and the lukewarm Churches. You have allowed me to gather and separate you for my Kingdom.


I am rewarding you now with a a new life in a new place, New Zion. There you will find rest and all resources and blessings needed to run the final race towards Mount Zion. There I will transform you into my powerful warriors.

You made sure that nobody stole your crown and you have not given in to your wicked ruler or the temptations of the enemy. I am proud of you, my children. I see you walking the narrow and righteous path towards my holy mountain.


This reward is not attainable for the ones who made compromises with the world or who have taken the toxin from the enemy. They will not be able to stay and live in New Zion but they will be trapped in the place of Satan.

New Egypt will be their portion until they learn and understand that they need to come out of her. Then I will send my warriors to set them free and to guide them back into my open arms. I am a merciful God and Father. I cry over every soul that lost its way.


Triple Grace

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