Prophetic Word for the 8th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 8th of October 2021 - My plan, my glory

It was never the plan of my churches or the plan of the enemy. It was always my plan and my plan will bring forth my glory. The glory of the heavenly Kingdom seen on earth. The time of the merge is here.

My master plan of the end times is unfolding right in front of your eyes. All what you see fits perfectly with my scriptures even if the scriptures where given hundred of years in the past.

My plan, my glory

I created the earth and all on it and I will lead my creation into a new Heaven and new Earth. It is I who will gather the lost sheep and who will push out sin so that it has no place on earth anymore.

I am the one who will extends his mercy and grace until the sixth seal and the rapture of the churches. I will send out my harvest workers to rescue many lost souls from dark places and valleys.

My plan, my glory

I am sending my son Jesus right now to return to the world to start the seal tribulations. He is coming for the brides and the little ones. Babylon must fall but the innocent ones will vanish.

It is my plan and my glory that you will see unfolding all over the world. Also the enemy will take credit, he has nothing to do with it. It is time to bring justice and to revenge the spilled blood. All will be done for my glory.


Triple Grace

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