Prophetic Word for the 8th of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 8th of March 2022 - Empires are rising

An evil empire is rising and it will not be the last but part of the ten Kingdoms who will give power to the Beast. The time of empires rising has come onto the earth and the evil flood is moving.

Why do you ask? Because I have removed my restraining hands a bit from the world. It is time for my Masterpiece of the End Times to begin and for the evil empire to rise to Power.

Empires are rising

This is just the beginning of the darkness. Much more is yet to come. Have my scripture not spoken about Wars and Rumors of Wars, Famines and Pestilences? Now the time has come and you need to focus on my Kingdom alone.

Nothing will return to normal but it will be come darker by the day. More countries will be indwelled by the enemy and will become aggressive to their neighbors. All will then lead to WWIII.

Empires are rising

The polarization needed for the Book of Revelation and its fulfillment has come. The West versus the East and Good versus Evil. I have separated the sheep from the Goats and prepared my chosen vessels for such a time as this.

You are moving quickly into the Seal tribulations and you will experience it physically in many ways. Trust in me and my Kingdom so that I can cover you and your family against any attacks that will come. Empires are rising.


Triple Grace

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