Prophetic Word for the 8th of July 2022

Prophetic Word for the 8th of July 2022 - My apostles

A new era of time is here and the new apostles for my son Jesus are called into the Church of Ephesus for such a time as this. The anointing by fire is at the door and I am washing their feet.

The washing of their feet is in preparation of their new path and their coming out of the World, Babylon and the sleeping churches. A new path is lying ahead of them and they will walk it as my images on earth.

My apostles

My way will become their way when they enter their destiny in time and space. I am sending them into far away places to seek my lost sheep and to spread the truth of my heavenly Kingdom.

They are called as the foundation layers of my new temple and they will be followed by the 144000 as the walls. The new apostles are in charge of building the Safe Havens in the wilderness.

My apostles

I am sending them out ahead of me into all towns and cities that I will come to visit at the time of Mount Zion. They will speak about my coming and the required preparation for being part of the multitude clothed in white.

A great harvest will be brought in through their ministries and the harvest workers of the Church of Smyrna. My new apostles are ready to be called and anointed. Fire will fall from Heaven.


Triple Grace

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