Prophetic Word for the 8th of December 2021

Prophetic Word for the 8th of December 2021 - I will repay you

My promises will all be fulfilled and one of them was and is that I will repay you for all that the enemy has stolen and that was lost during the years of trial and tribulations.

This time has come now and in your new destiny you will be compensated for all that you went through seven fold. Great blessings and resources are awaiting you in your new place.

I will repay you

Some of you lost their house, their families, their dignity and their financial base and because you have suffered for me and my Kingdom by holding to my words and walking my path I will restore your losses as I did it with Job.

You will even get much more than what you had before and the world will see your light shine so brightly. The time for the restoration of all things has come and you will be amazed.

I will repay you

As it is in a Jubilee year when all the debts are forgiven and you will start a new life so will it be in your destiny. But I will make sure that you will have your losses restored seven fold.

I will make the enemy, Satan, pay for all that he has stolen from my creation and he will compensate you up to the last shekel. And when he has done this then he must add more so that your blessings will be seven fold restored.


Triple Grace

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