Prophetic Word for the 7th of November 2021

Prophetic Word for the 7th of November 2021 - Storm chasers

Many storms will develop in the nations on earth. They are created by the evil forces who will take over the world for a time. Many of my people will get trapped within these storms.

Therefore I have made you storm chasers who will follow the demonic activities and will search for my lost sheep within these dark places. Be my storm chasers who will enter the darkest corners to rescue my children.

Storm chasers

No matter how strong the storm will be you will stand in its midst unaffected. You are my rocks and my powerful warriors who will stand against the evil flood anywhere on earth.

The rock in the storm on which my lost sheep can stand and from where they will be rescued into New Zion. I will send my storm chasers into all countries and nations in the world.

Storm chasers

The light that surrounds you like a mantle will also protect you in the storms of the enemy. Your light will overcome the darkness that has settled on earth. My beacons of light will guide the way for my prodigal sons and daughters.

You are called to be my storm chasers for such a time as this to defeat the evil empire of Satan and his minions. He thought that no one can enter his storms but my Remnant Army of New Zion is trained to be storm chasers.


Triple Grace

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