Prophetic Word for the 7th of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 7th of June 2021 - Knowing all in order

You were prepared well, trained as a warrior and many revelations were given to you. Now you know all things in order and you will walk in your new path in confidence. My end time plan was revealed to you.

You are walking in Spirit and Truth guided by my Holy Spirit always. Nothing is hidden to you anymore and all is known so that you can truly be called my ambassadors on earth.

Knowing all in order

It is a burden to know all things in order and to see when so many of my people reject the truth. I watch you spreading the word but you speak against walls that the enemy has created.

Walls of ignorance, fear and deception created to trap the world in a snare and a loop that will allow Satan to keep them in bondage and slavery forever. Do not give up and speak forth the truth of my Kingdom.

Knowing all in order

Rest assured that all will take place as I have revealed it to you. My plan will not be changed and the victory over the enemy is already won. Keep to your battle plan no matter what other people say or how much they mock and scoff you.

I have told you all in advance so that you will not stand in perplexity when the events will take place. I need you to be the rock in the storm and the light in the darkness at the time of Satan's snare. You know all in order.


Triple Grace

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