Prophetic Word for the 7th of July 2021

Prophetic Word for the 7th of July 2021 - You are my Chosen

As I have chosen the Israelites, just before I came down to meet them at Mount Sinai so have I chosen you just before I will meet you at Mount Zion. Chosen from among men to be my workers on earth.

I have selected you as the harvesting brides and I separated you and took you out of this world so that you can walk a new path that will allow me to gather my lost sheep back into my open arms.

You are my Chosen

Chosen for such a time as this to be the Remnant Army of Kings and Priests and to walk as my true ambassadors on earth. Clothed with the light of my only begotten son Jesus and fulfilling your destiny that you have agreed to a long time ago.

My chosen vessels for the greatest harvest the world has ever seen. A multitude clothed in white will stand at the base of my holy mountain. My children who have cleaned their garments in the blood of the lamb.

You are my chosen

Chosen to be the rock in the storm and the beacon of light in the darkness. Trained as powerful warriors who will enter all battlefields where the enemy will appear. My standard and banner raised against the evil flood.

Rachel and Leah, you will gather and built the House of Israel and you will guide them home to Mount Zion. A new, far greater Exodus will take place out of the new Egypt through the wilderness to my holy place and there I will take you all to myself. You are my Chosen.


Triple Grace

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