Prophetic Word for the 7th of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 7th of January 2022 - I will remove you

I am taking you into new places and new dimensions. Your old life and ways are coming to an end. Repent now and stand before my throne. Your destiny and future is prepared for this moment in time.

I will remove you from the World, Babylon and the Churches so that you can represent my Kingdom as my son Jesus had done it before you. As my true sons and daughters and co-heirs to the throne.

I will remove you

You will not walk in these times much longer but a new path will open up that will allow you to enter places not seen before. A new season of witnessing and harvesting is upon you.

The 7 years of seals are beginning now in which you, as my harvest workers, will seek the lost sheep and return them into my open arms. I am guiding you through time and space for my creation.

I will remove you

A huge place is prepared for the brides of my son Jesus in which they will be connected for Kingdom purposes and where they will receive the gifts, mantles and blessings necessary to bring in the harvest.

Spreading the truth of my Kingdom into all the nations of the fallen World and opposing the evil flood of the enemy. Standing as powerful warriors on my battlefields where I will take Satan and his armies down. I will remove your from your old life.


Triple Grace

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