Prophetic Word for the 7th of February 2022

Prophetic Word for the 7th of February 2022 - Realize

I have given it all. My masterpiece is revealed and you need to realize that everything in the scriptures and all that I have given to my chosen vessels is coming together. All the pieces are fitting into the master plan.

Understand that the shift is here and that all will begin in the month of February. Nothing is hidden anymore but I brought it all into the open. None of my children can claim that they were not aware at their judgement day.


Stand ready to enter the new season. The end is being declared from the beginning and the linear times will change to circular times for my harvest workers. My masterpiece is being laid out for the world.

Understand that you will enter your destiny for my Kingdom and that your purpose will be woven into my plan so that the harvest can be brought into the store house. The House of Israel will be gathered first.


You will now see and understand that all of my words, dreams and visions are being fulfilled in the end times no matter how different they are. It is a matter of place and destiny that allows the diversity of visions.

Not everyone will have the same destiny and not every one will serve me through the seals and trumpets. But no matter how you will be called all is coming together in my masterpiece of the end times.


Triple Grace

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