Prophetic Word for the 6th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 6th of October 2021 - Call on my name

In the moment when all around you will change. When my son will come for the children and the firstborn bride. When the world will stand in perplexity and when mothers will mourn.

Then you need to call on my name because your time to shine has come. I will connect with you as never before. My ways will become your ways and you will be elevated to represent my heavenly Kingdom.

Call on my name

We will enter a new relationship in which you will become my true sons and daughters and I will bestow onto you all the gifts of Heaven. You will be able to fulfill your destiny with ease.

And I will be there for you at any moment when you call on my name. A special connection will be granted as it was at the time of the first apostles from Pentecost forward. You will do great exploits in my name.

Call on my name

Everything that you will ask in the name of my son I will grant you right away. You will be able to bring forth new life where death was before and you will heal the sick at any time.

As my true ambassadors you will have the key to Heaven and the permission to walk on holy ground as my priestly order. You are chosen for such a time as this to call on my name and I will hear you.


Triple Grace

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