Prophetic Word for the 6th of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 6th of March 2022 - Lies and Deceit

Do not listen to the world or their rulers. They are part of the enemy camp and all is just a deception. They try to remove my truth by spreading lies and deceit over everything that comes to pass.

I am in control and it is my Masterpiece of the End Times. I am granting the enemy time periods to rule and reign but even in that time frames I am in charge. He can't do anything that is not allowed by me.

Lies and Deceit

Lucifer will try to use state media to explain away the wonders and miracles the world will see when the portal in Heaven will open. When millions of people will vanish and when the world will stand in perplexity.

He will use state media and dream works to take away the Glory from my only begotten son Jesus when he walks the earth for 40 days and will declare him the Antichrist so that the churches are getting confused.

Lies and Deceit

The enemy tactic is based on lies and deceit to take control over every nation on earth so that Lucifer can establish his Antichrist as the savior of this world. Do not fall for his flattery.

Know and understand that you need to stand as a witness for my Kingdom and my son Jesus. Reject the opinions and statements of the world and its governments and seek my Kingdom and its righteousness first. Then I will be with you always and will guide you into eternal life.


Triple Grace

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