Prophetic Word for the 6th of June 2022

Prophetic Word for the 6th of June 2022 - I am gathering

A new day is here. A day seeking and gathering. I have sent my son Jesus to gather the brides and the chosen little ones for the Escape of the Innocent. The world was asleep long enough.

It it time to shake the Heaven and the Earth. Many will have a rude awakening when millions of souls have vanished and they remained. They will blame their pastors and leaders for this situation

I am gathering

My mighty hand will be seen when I start to gather the ones who have made themselves ready for the moment when they will stand before the Son of Man. Not all of my children have understood my scriptures yet.

I am gathering the brides and the little ones to show my power and glory to the world. Many will not even notice when my Spirit will call the first fruits of the wheat harvest. They will stand in perplexity at the great event.

I am gathering

My son Jesus will take the children by the hand and will lead them into the Third Heaven. It is time for the pure and innocent ones to be removed. Removed from a wicked and fallen generation before the Seal tribulation will begin.

I will not allow that the innocent ones will suffer at the hand of people who have fallen to the lies and deceit of the enemy. I will show my might and power through the Escape of the Innocent.


Triple Grace

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