Prophetic Word for the 6th of August 2021

Prophetic Word for the 6th of August 2021 - Shining

The face of Moses was covered in my light when he returned from the mountain and the people were afraid to look at him. In a similar way the people of the end times will see the light that covers you.

You will shine like a fire for my Kingdom. Kingdom fire will fall upon you and the light will embrace you like a mantle. The light of the world will return to the earth through you.


The change in your body will be physically seen by many and some of them will be drawn to this light so that they can be rescued out of New Egypt. This light will not only be a spiritual light but it will be seen around your body.

You will become the rock in the storm and the beacon of light that will stand in the darkest places. Do not worry when the light hit you. A transformation will take place and this transformation will make you my true ambassadors on earth.


I am sending you into the dragon layer for the Glory of the Kingdom so that all will see the light that I gave my son Jesus first. Now you will walk in his image on earth to bring in the harvest of the House of Israel.

The spirit of Moses will be given as a gift for you to stand against the new Pharaoh and your face will also shine as a witness of my power and my might. Let the light shine in all places that I am sending you to. Follow my instructions and set the captives free.


Triple Grace

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