Prophetic Word for the 5th of June 2022

Prophetic Word for the 5th of June 2022 - Keep the Faith

You are in the last moment of your previous journey. Truly a new beginning is lying ahead of you. A new dawn in which you will be called trees of righteousness in my Kingdom and dragon slayers on earth.

It is the darkest before the dawn and you must keep the faith no matter how bleak your situation seems. The end of a journey is in many cases painful but the death is necessary so that a birth can take place.

Keep the Faith

The old world order is dying and you can see all the changes that I have started so that the Seal tribulation can start and can be fulfilled with all that is written in the scriptures.

The ashes of the former world will bring forth the new. Have I not said that I will make everything new? Why don't you trust in me. I have prepared you well for all of these things that are coming onto the earth.

Keep the Faith

You will rise out of the ashes as a new creation. This is the moment in time when the Sons of God are born and when they rise to their positions as my eagles in the nations. Flying high as a symbol of my power and my glory.

Therefore keep the faith and do not mourn the old ways that are coming to an end. Do not be Lot's wife and look back. Enter the new life and the whole new world with praises on your lips knowing that I have called you into your destiny. Keep the Faith.


Triple Grace

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