Prophetic Word for the 5th of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 5th of June 2021 - Revelations

My revelations as written in the scriptures will now come to pass. Revelations about my heavenly Kingdom that will return to the earth. My powerful and mighty move to rescue the lost sheep and to wake up the sleeping churches.

My revelations are being fulfilled right in front of your eyes with the white rider, wars, famine and pestilences followed by Death and Hades. All is coming to be seen in the world.


The Book of Revelation is opened now and all will start from my throne room in the north. From there will I control the end times and from there will I send my mighty angels into battle.

Together with my Remnant Army of Kings and Priests will they stand against the evil flood. Can't you see the prophecies that I sent being fulfilled right now? Don't you see my signs in the sun, the moon and the stars?


I have chosen and called out my harvesting brides for such a time as this to be part of my end time revelations and to walk as an image of my son Jesus on earth. They will continue to seek the lost sheep and to gather the lost 10 tribes into the Kingdom.

The revelations of Jesus Christ as written in the scriptures will begin now. Have you prepared well? Did you separate yourself from the World, Babylon and the sleeping Churches? I called you out of her. Have you listened to my voice and my messages? It is time for the revelations.


Triple Grace

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