Prophetic Word for the 5th of July 2021

Prophetic Word for the 5th of July 2021 - Grace upon you

Do not get distracted by things that you see in the world. In the moment you get closer and closer to the portal opening, more and more strange phenomena will be seen. Most of it no man can explain but all will be time related.

The enemy has completed his preparations for the snare and the Heaven is also standing ready for the great escape of the children and the wedding of the firstborn bride Leah. Only moments away. Only moments away.

Grace upon you

I am pouring my grace upon you to seal you for your destiny and make sure that you can be guided through the portal without any side effects. I am ready to receive you onto Zion and then to send you into your new place.

The time of the seals has come and many natural disasters will be part of the change. A paradigm shift will always affect the pole system and the magnetic fields. Stand ready to see all these things to happen.

Grace upon you

Satan will use the moment to extend his hidden Kingdom onto the earth but I will not be caught unawares. I know his plans and have prepared a Remnant Army to stand against him. He will not succeed.

But on my powerful warriors of Heaven I will pour out grace upon grace and blessings upon blessings so that they are able to fulfill their destiny in my name and in the name of my son Jesus. First the wedding and then the harvest. Grace will fall on you.


Triple Grace

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