Prophetic Word for the 5th of April 2022

Prophetic Word for the 5th of April 2022 - Angels are among you

I have sent my angels among you to be prepared for the opening of the heavenly portal. They are stationed among you waiting for my command to carry you through the portal of time and space.

They will also assist you with the transformation and the new gifts and mantles that you will receive. You are part of my royal household and the angels are sent to serve you for such a time as this.

Angels are among you

You can feel and experience them through light flashes, small or bigger orbs and spiritual feathers that you might see. Always remember that these angels are here to serve you and are not to be worshiped.

All the Glory belongs to me. The appearance of angels at your places marks the sign of the time that you are so close to the Mega event that is coming. The Heaven is prepared to receive the brides and the little ones.

Angels are among you

Do not be afraid when angelic activities will increase in the upcoming days. You will see more light orbs, more unusual movements and you might feel even the touch of an angel.

This increased activity is based on the closeness of the arrival of my only begotten son Jesus for the brides and then for the 40 days of repentance. The angels are preparing your environment for the great day when you will be standing before the Son of Man.


Triple Grace

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