Prophetic Word for the 5th of April 2021

Prophetic Word for the 5th of April 2021 - Walk in your Light

You will walk in a new destiny. A destiny in which you will serve me and my Kingdom. I am calling you out to walk in your new light.

The light of my son Jesus will be bestowed onto you so that you can be a light to the nations and a beacon in the darkness.

Walk in your Light

I am sending you into dark places to set the captives free. Let your light shine as never before and guide my lost sheep onto the path towards Mount Zion.

A great light will come as a mantle upon you. It will surround you day and night and many people will see it and be drawn to it.

Walk in your Light

This is the light of my Kingdom. The powers that will allow you to fulfill your destiny and purpose on earth. The mantle that will make you my harvest workers and the bride of my son.

You will wear it as King and Priest in the Remnant Army. It will make you a powerful warrior, transformed and ready to run the race and to finish it as the victor. Victory is given you through Christ Jesus.


Triple Grace

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