Prophetic Word for the 4th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 4th of October 2021 - Once it will begin

Once the portal opens all will begin right away. My son Jesus will come for the children and the firstborn brides and the wars will be seen on the horizon. The rooter will crow and the new dawn is here.

Once it will all begin your destiny will start in which you need to be my witnesses in many dark places. The trap is set and the loop will spring in that moment also. Most of my creation will go into a new slavery on earth.

Once it will begin

Use the last moment of your old life to get rid of any distractions, bad habits and old ways. I need new, fresh and empty vessels that I can fill with the new wine of my masterpiece.

Come all to me and get filled with the living waters so that you can walk under my open heaven as Moses, Elijah and David have done before you. Always in close contact with me and I am providing all for your missions.

Once it will begin

All preparations must be done when the moment comes. Afterwards you can't change anymore. The time of repentance will be over and if you are not fully empty at that time you will carry an unnecessary burden in your destiny.

This will not disqualify from the blessings and gifts but it will make your new walk much more difficult. Use the last moments to get rid of the old ways and habits so that I can fill you with the living waters completely.


Triple Grace

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