Prophetic Word for the 4th of November 2021

Prophetic Word for the 4th of November 2021 - The Walls of the World

The enemy thinks that he can build strong walls to keep my Kingdom out. He will bind his minions in the matrix of New Egypt to make them slaves to his evil empire on earth.

Therefore he tries to create walls of misunderstanding, fear, temptations and false information. These walls shall protect his empire from my powerful warriors that I am sending against him.

The Walls of the World

His walls will fall when the first battle against Jericho will be fought. As it was in the old times so will it be again. My warriors will walk seven times around the walls of the world and then they will fall.

Before this event will happen I will send spies into the world who will inform me about the weakness in the walls. Then my mighty army will come and will surround the walls. It is time for the walls to come down.

The Walls of the World

Nothing will be able to stop my warriors from entering the dark places of the enemy. He can not hide from my face nor can he escape his judgements. My Remnant Army of New Zion is ready to bring major battles towards the evil flood.

I have prepared them well and they are eager to stand against any and all demonic forces that are holding my souls captive. These warriors of my Kingdom will enter the dragon layer and will open the prison doors to set my prodigal sons and daughters free. The Walls of the World will fall.


Triple Grace

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