Prophetic Word for the 4th of June 2022

Prophetic Word for the 4th of June 2022 - A new Race

I am calling you to the starting line of the new race. A race that you run for my heavenly Kingdom against the darkness of the world. A race against demons and giants towards my holy mountain.

I am sending you into this new race so that the lost sheep will see a great light and will hear the truth from Heaven that will set them free. I am coming for a rescue in the midst of tribulation.

A new race

My chosen vessels will receive the strength and youth to run this race to the finishing line and they will be victorious over the evil side. A great multitude will be gathered at the base of Mount Zion.

During this new race you will encounter many tribulations but do not worry because I have you in the palms of my hand. You are my true sons and daughters and belong to my royal household.

A new race

On the track I will supply you with all the resources you need and when you get tired or are close to falter then I will quicken you again. You will reach the end of the race and the everlasting life in Paradise.

I have chosen you for this race because you did not give up in the face of many blockages from the enemy. When you fell you stood up and continued on the path that I showed you. You are running the race for my Kingdom.


Triple Grace

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