Prophetic Word for the 4th of July 2021

Prophetic Word for the 4th of July 2021 - A heavy heart

I have given you a heavy heart and many are mourning now for the lost and their families. You feel what is coming and that I need to correct this wicked generation but it gives you a heavy heart.

Show compassion now and let your grief come out because as soon as you enter your destiny you have no time for it and you need to follow my voice and my commandments to the letter.

A heavy heart

What you feel now is my heart so close before the beginning of the tribulations but I have given my children ample time to repent and to return to my ways. They did not listen and mocked my messengers.

Now there is no other way to rescue them then to allow evil to roam so that they will experience a time when I will lift my hand from them. The tribulations will bring them to their knees.

A heavy heart

I am coming to punish this generation out of love to help them to see the truth and to encourage my prodigal sons and daughters to come home into my open arms. My love for them will be seen through the harvesting brides that I will send to enlighten the way to Zion.

Only a loving father can't bear to see his family walking down a path of destruction and he will try to rescue them even if it will hurt them a bit. Their eyes will open when they experience the tribulations. My heart is heavy.


Triple Grace

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