Prophetic Word for the 4th of February 2022

Prophetic Word for the 4th of February 2022 - Walk in Unity

In these upcoming perilous times all harvest workers and powerful warriors need to walk in unity. My chosen vessels are called to support one another and to lay the foundation of the Millennium Kingdom by walking as the images of my son on earth.

This is the moment when you must apply the knowledge and wisdom I have given you. Pick up the truth and run with it to the end of the race that will lead you to the base of Mount Zion where you will be raptured into Paradise.

Walk in Unity

But before that you will stand as witnesses before judges and kings in all nations to speak the truth to a fallen world that has succumbed to the enemy and his temptations. Satan holds many of my sheep captive.

I am sending you into the midst of darkness as beacons of light to break the bond of slavery to New Egypt and to remove the lost sheep from the bondage of the New Pharaoh who will become the world ruler soon.

Walk in Unity

To achieve all this you must unite as one. One bride for my only begotten son Jesus. When you stand in the gap for one another you are like a brick wall that the enemy can't penetrate.

Victory will be granted to you and my Kingdom when my Remnant Army stands in unity on all battlefields. Unite together for the Glory of my Kingdom. It is time for my chosen vessels to walk in unity.


Triple Grace

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