Prophetic Word for the 4th of December 2021

Prophetic Word for the 4th of December 2021 - And Hades followed

The time has come when darkness will cover the earth and when vanity will overtake my voices. Have you not seen enough death? Have you not suffered under pestilences? Now Hades will follow.

Dark clouds are on the horizon that will cover the nations and will bind my creation into new slavery. A new place is being created that will be ruled by the new Pharaoh - New Egypt.

And Hades followed

The demonic forces are unleashed on the earth and they will do the bidding of their master Satan. Freedom is being removed and you will need to follow his instructions if you want to live in this world.

I am separating the light from the darkness and have prepared my own place for the harvest workers and warriors of the Remnant Army of New Zion. My place is holy and there I will dwell with my chosen vessels.

And Hades followed

New Zion is the place of the Heavens for such a time as this and from there the harvest workers will be send into their missions. A clear separation is made between the two places.

Satan and his minions will not be able to enter New Zion but are bound to cover the earth. I am the creator of all and so my chosen warriors are able to stand on the battlefields of the world. See the darkness approaching and make sure that you belong to New Zion.


Triple Grace

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