Prophetic Word for the 4th of August 2022

Prophetic Word for the 4th of August 2022 - Dress Rehearsal

Put on your wedding attire. The time for the dress rehearsal of the Leah wedding has come. The next day I will open the doors to the banquet hall for all those who are invited.

Take you positions at my table but remain humble and do not seek the best seats at the head of the table. I will promote you to a better place if you are worthy. The proud will be made low

Dress Rehearsal

Come in and fill the room. A great celebration will begin in Heaven when the two will become one. The Leah brides will be united with their bridegroom. With my only begotten son Jesus.

A happy day for all who are standing with my Kingdom. Heaven is finally merging with the earth and my Masterpiece has begun. The harvest of the ages will begin after the wedding and the 40 days of my son in Jerusalem.

Dress Rehearsal

The last preparations before the brides will be called to the altar. All of Heaven is rejoicing over that union. My son Jesus has taken his bride to the wedding. The first fruits of the wheat harvest have been gathered.

After the wedding I will take the brides to me into the Third Heaven but some of them will remain as my harvest workers and warriors on the earth to serve me as never before. They are my chosen vessels for such a time as this.


Triple Grace

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