Prophetic Word for the 4th of August 2021

Prophetic Word for the 4th of August 2021 - Birth Pangs

What you experience now are the birth pangs spoken of in the scriptures. The woman is going into travail and this is a painful process. You will feel it in your body, soul and mind.

You are close to birthing your destiny but you need to push. Do not stop now to walk the narrow path. Do not be swayed of the line by any temptation from the enemy. Do not fall in the ditch in the last moments.

Birth Pangs

If you do not continue to push now to birth your destiny then the child will be stillborn. The water has broken and the fire has alerted you to the lateness of the hour. Pain and sorrow is your daily bread but I promise you that it will be over soon.

Once you have gone through the ordeal of the birth you have become a new creation. A true son or daughter of the Most High and you are ready to fulfill your purpose on earth. Stand strong and push.

Birth Pangs

Let your destiny not die. Do not give up no matter how much it hurts. This is the time of the beginning of the birth pangs. Once the water breaks the birth can't be stopped anymore.

It is up to you if a new life is born when you stay on the path and push through or if your destiny will die during the birth. Do not stop pushing through all the obstacles and pains that you will encounter. These are the birth pangs.


Triple Grace

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