Prophetic Word for the 3rd of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of May 2022 - Prepare now

You have only a short time to prepare. To make yourself ready as the wonderful brides you are. To be ready to stand before the Son of Man to be forgiven forever and to enter your destiny and purpose in Heaven and on Earth.

The final days are upon my chosen vessels. It is time to start a new race that will lead you to my holy mountain. I will send the Spirit of Elijah and Moses to guide you through the Seal tribulation.

Prepare now

I have revealed to you what is needed for the harvest time and for the time when the New Pharaoh will rule the world. I have ordered my angels to hold the wind of destruction until the harvest is gathered.

Thereafter you will be taken into the wilderness where I will protect you in the Safe Havens during the great persecution of my churches. I have instructed my vessels to build the places of refuge in the nations.

Prepare now

In the final days you must seek my Kingdom and its righteousness over anything in the world. You need to stand separated from the cares of life, Babylon and the sleeping churches so that I can bestow onto your the gifts from Heaven.

Prepare now until the moment when the door in Heaven will open and my mighty hand be seen. Then the stone will be cast and the brides gathered. The transformation is coming for many of my chosen vessels.


Triple Grace

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