Prophetic Word for the 3rd of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of May 2021 - Warrior Country

Soon you will enter a new place in a new time. You will find yourself in the warrior country that I have prepared for my Remnant Army of Kings and Priests. Especially designed for a mighty army of Heaven.

I call it the warrior country because it will be separated from the places of the enemy and it will bless my harvesting warriors. In this country, in this new realm, they will find all the resources they need.

Warrior Country

I will connect all of my powerful brides together in a mighty fighting force. They are the standard and banner I am raising against the evil flood. My warriors will take the battle to the gates.

The enemy knows my plan and he is trying to take my brides down just before I can lift them up into their destiny. I will inform them about needy protection when I see a powerful move of the enemy against them.

Warrior Country

Angels are dispatched to stand with them in the final battle before the transfer. I have called my warriors into unity and asked them to support wherever it is needed. They must help one another.

There are plans of Satan to destroy key ministries of the Remnant Army right now and all brides are called to step into the gap and to provide a hedge of protection for such places. My Spirit has gone forth to warn these ministries of upcoming disasters. The battle has begun and only when you will stand in unity all warriors will reach the new beginning unharmed. The warrior country is waiting for you. Protect you resources, your voices and your ministries against the move of the enemy so that all will be lifted up by my whirlwind and will be secured in the new warrior place.


Triple Grace

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