Prophetic Word for the 3rd of July 2022

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of July 2022 - Truth of Heaven

I love you and because of that have I revealed the truth of Heaven to you. The truth is that I am coming to judge this wicked and evil generation that has spilled so much innocent blood.

The truth is that I love the world so much that I have sent my only begotten son Jesus again so that all who truly believe in him will be saved and have everlasting life in Paradise. He has arrived.

Truth of Heaven

The truth is that I have chosen and formed vessels out of the brides who have volunteered to remain and to serve me and my Kingdom by seeking the lost sheep and by bringing the harvest of the ages into the fold.

The truth is that there will be no peace on earth. No golden age and no turning of the tables for the world. War is coming with famines and pestilences as never before. My mighty hand will be seen in the nations.

Truth of Heaven

The truth is that darkness will cover the earth because the enemy knows the time and has taken advantage of it by using the portal to send his fallen angels onto the earth. The new empire that promotes the doctrines of Lucifer will be created.

The truth is that my harvest workers have the power from on high to break the bond to New Egypt and to set the captives free by spreading this truth, the light, into the dark places. It is this truth that will set the lost sheep free. Pick up the truth of Heaven and run with it in the final race to Paradise on Mount Zion.


Triple Grace

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