Prophetic Word for the 3rd of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of January 2022 - A new dawn

The event that will change everything is here now. You have entered your 222 season in which you will be my witnesses to the nations. New paths will open up through time and space.

This great shift will finally bring in the end times. The timing that you were waiting for. My chosen vessels feel the change already. Stand ready for the greatest adventure of your life.

A new dawn

The breaking of a new dawn in the history of my creation will be witnessed by the whole world. For some to the Glory of my Kingdom and for others to the shame of the World. Choose your side now.

Once all is completed then your old life has ended and a new beginning is here. Times and Laws will have changed and my ways will have become your ways. Moving through dimensions to seek my lost sheep.

A new dawn

The world will not understand and their knowledge will be taken away from them. They will not be able to remember the past but will believe the lie and delusion of the enemy whose intention is to control the earth.

My harvest workers will be the only ones who will still carry the light of the Kingdom in this fallen and dying world. Wars, pestilences, famines and death will be the daily occurrence in the nations. Brothers against Brothers and Sisters against Sisters. My son is not coming to bring peace. The new dawn into the seal tribulation is here.


Triple Grace

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