Prophetic Word for the 3rd of February 2022

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of February 2022 - Time is running out

Don't you feel it in the Spirit? Your time is running out. The new Season is growing into power both in the Heavens and on Earth. The duality is being seen in all that is happening.

Good and evil is showing their faces in the nations. The enemy is preparing his worldly armies to slaughter many. These are the times of wars and rumors of wars. Be ready for the great shift.

Time is running out

You need to pick up the truth that I have sent you through many revelations because the moment of your witnessing for my Kingdom has come. Once the portal opens you will be taken before judges and kings to testify on my behalf.

Are you ready for your destiny? Have you understand all that I have given you so that you can serve me as a true ambassador on earth. Remember that the truth will set you free.

Time is running out

As worldly ambassadors are called to clarify the action of their nation so will you called to explain the events of the opening of the portal and the vanishing of the children and brides.

You will be standing against much opposition when you are the witnesses for my son Jesus in your countries. But do not worry I will give you a tongue that will speak forth the truth of my Kingdom and no hair on your head shall perish. The time is running out.


Triple Grace

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