Prophetic Word for the 3rd of April 2022

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of April 2022 - Vanity

Many of my children are worshiping in vanity on profane altars. The have exchanged their holiness with the temptations of the world. Their churches or church leaders have become more important than my heavenly Kingdom.

This is also a from of idolatry that I hate so much. The enemy has come in with flattery and many have fallen for his sweet words and promises. Vanity has overrun my holy altars.


Self righteousness, man made holiness and fantasies have destroyed my holy places and where I was once present with my Holy Spirit you will find just empty shells and people who confess me with their mouth but have no works.

In such places you will never find true miracles or wonders. They are filled with lukewarm children who prefer the world over my everlasting Kingdom and who have no understanding of my principles.


Come out of such places because it is better to stand alone than to be in the company of darkness. You are not a creature of the night but Sons and Daughters of the Day and you need to spread the light into such places.

Vanity has overtaken my churches and holiness was replaced with doctrines of Lucifer. The shepherds of these places will fall when my Son Jesus will return to the World. Vanity and sin will be pushed out of my creation.


Triple Grace

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