Prophetic Word for the 31st of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 31st of October 2021 - Endure this day

It is a dark day. A day when Hell and Hades are celebrating but you will stand for my Kingdom and against all evil spirits that will manifest on earth. Pray over the souls of my creation.

This is a day when Satan and his minions try to corrupt my world and even the little ones who are going from house to house not knowing that death is walking next to them. Endure this day.

Endure this day

Have nothing to do with the practices of the world on this day but stand separated for my Kingdom and be a witness for my son Jesus in these dark hours. Pray over each and every one that you encounter.

Lift the souls up of those who partake in the sins of the world and who are opening their minds, hearts and souls for evil spirits and dark practices. Pray for their deliverance on this day.

Endure this day

Darkness will come over the world and my creation is embracing it easily without any questions. Therefore have I called my warriors to be the harvest workers and to seek out the lost sheep so that they can be set free.

Gross darkness will be seen in bright daylight. Demonic forces will roam the earth trying to devour every soul that will allow them access. Satan will have his field day. Endure this day because you are called to stand for my Kingdom.


Triple Grace

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