Prophetic Word for the 30th of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 30th of May 2022 - Unity of Faith and Truth

My chosen vessels need to act in unity. You are not called to fight alone but to be part of a strong army that can overcome any evil forces that they might encounter on the battlefields in the world.

You strength lies in the unity of all harvest workers and warriors worldwide. You will recognize your brothers and sisters by the light of the faith and truth of the Remnant Army of new Zion.

Unity of Faith and Truth

I have chosen you to stand together on the battlefields as a wall of faith against the evil flood that is sweeping over the earth. You are chain of powerful heavenly warriors for such a time as this.

A chain is only so strong as its weakest link. Therefore let no doubt or worldly influence weaken you but stand equally strong in unity wherever I will place you. Your time to fight has come.

Unity of Faith and Truth

It is your faith and truth that has separated you from the World, Babylon and the Churches. And this faith and the truth of Heaven will make a strong brick in the wall of warriors for my Kingdom.

Stand strong and let the enemy not allow to breach the wall at any points. Be in unity always and know that I have chosen you because you have the heart of a warrior. Unity will make you victorious at the end.


Triple Grace

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