Prophetic Word for the 30th of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 30th of May 2021 - Wedding Bells

My wedding bells are calling the firstborn bride into the chamber. Do you hear them ringing? Leah is called to the altar. Her sister Rachel will follow her soon but the firstborn must go first.

The wedding banquet is ready and the guests are invited. Rachel will be part of the wedding in the spirit before she will return to the earth to fulfill her destiny and purpose.

Wedding Bells

A beautiful sound can be heard in the Heavens when the wedding bells are ringing. The angels are rejoicing over the upcoming marriage and all of heaven has prepared for this event.

Rachel and the guests will arrive soon to be witnesses of this firstborn wedding. The marriage of my son Jesus and Leah will end the first seven years of my end time plan and my remnants are standing ready to serve me in the next.

Wedding Bells

Rachel will be given to my son after he has fulfilled the week of Leah but Rachel knows that her wedding will take another 7 years and will be celebrated on Mount Zion. That event will turn the bride into the 144000.

As for now the firstborn wedding is at hand and the bells are ringing to call the guests into the chamber. All firstborn are mine and so is Leah. She will arrive with all the little ones that my angel will take from the earth.


Triple Grace

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