Prophetic Word for the 30th of April 2021

Prophetic Word for the 30th of April 2021 - Blowing the trumpet

My angels will blow the trumpets because I am sending my only begotten son to earth to retrieve his bride. He is coming for a bride who has made herself ready and is clothed in the wedding garment.

You are clothed in the white, beautiful dress when you diligently seek out my Kingdom and the season of the return of your bridegroom. When you are in eager expectation for his arrival.

Blowing the trumpet

Do your hear the noise from the hills? Do you see the entourage of the bridegroom appearing on the horizon? Does your heart rejoice at the sound of the Shofar and at the moment when the best man of the bridegroom knocks at your door?

The Heavens are in great excitement because a wedding will take place. A great wedding between Heaven and Earth. The time of the two to become one has finally arrived and the Father has given permission to blow the trumpet.

Blowing the trumpet

This is the wedding of the firstborn. The wedding of Leah who must be married first before Rachel can be taken home. Leah and Rachel will be obedient wives to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and they will serve the Father as never before.

The angels are standing ready to blow the trumpets so that the wedding can commence. The invitations have been sent out and the banquet hall is filled and ready. The Father will open the doors very soon. Stand ready to hear the blowing of the trumpet.


Triple Grace

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