Prophetic Word for the 2nd of November 2021

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of November 2021 - Lifted up

Do you see the new beginning? Do you feel my Spirit that lifts you up into your new life? Are you ready for your new destiny and purpose here on earth? I am setting you on high.

You will now be born from above. Belonging to my royal household and having access to my holy place, New Zion. There and in the world you will serve me as never before. Your time has come.

Lifted up

My son Jesus as your bridegroom is also coming to lift you up onto his arms and to cover you with his light that will fall on you like a mantle and the whole earth will see this light.

I promised you that I am going to lift you up closer to my throne and that I will walk with you from this day forward. That moment has now come and the heaven is rejoicing over the birth of my sons and daughters.

Lifted up

You will see the seal tribulations from an elevated position and the flood that is coming will take you to the top of the church tower because you belong to my daughter of Zion and the new militant church.

Powerful warriors fighting for my Kingdom on every battlefield. Standing against the evil forces wherever I will send you. My Remnant Army of New Zion is called and I am going to lift you up.


Triple Grace

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