Prophetic Word for the 2nd of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of May 2022 - Coming close

The time is drawing close. Close to the Mega event that will shake and change the earth forever more. I am going to open the portal in Heaven and my mighty hand will be seen. Ready to transform my chosen vessels.

Every day you are coming closer and closer to your destiny and purpose on earth. Step by step you walk towards a new life and a new beginning for me and my Kingdom. It is so close.

Coming close

I hear your prayers and see your suffering at the hand of the enemy who tries to cut you off and to block you from all that I have prepared for you. But he will not succeed. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel

New gifts, mantles and resources will be sent from the Heavens so that you can run your final race with my power and my glory for all to see. Everything will change and you will step into a whole new World.

Coming close

It is not far. In that moment of time you will cross the barrier between linear and circular time and you will find yourself in new dimensions and realities. i am the creator of it all and with me everything is possible.

Do not doubt your calling but stand ready to meet the Son of Man who will usher in your new destiny and who will bestow onto you the mantle of light. He is your Lord and Savior and your Commander in Chief for the upcoming battles against the evil flood. You are so close.


Triple Grace

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