Prophetic Word for the 2nd of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of May 2021 - You are called

My harvesting brides are called now into their destiny. I am coming to take them to the place that I have prepared for them. They are called and chosen from among many faithful children.

They will serve me and the Kingdom of my Father as never before by entering into missions that will lead them deep into the territory of the enemy where he is trying to hide himself and the ones whom he has control over.

You are called

My brides are called to shine a great light into these dark places and I will guide them to the lost sheep that need and can be saved. Not all of the lost will be willing to walk towards Mount Zion.

My chosen vessels will guide the multitude clothed in white in the great Exodus towards my holy mountain where I will take them home just after I will have destroyed the new Pharaoh and his 10 Kingdoms.

You are called

My brides understand that many souls are depending on your missions and your destiny. Do not grow weary. Do not falter in your race to set as many people free as possible. Show them the narrow and righteous path that will lead to eternal life.

I am coming to bestow onto you new mantles of power and authority that will allow you to break the prison doors and to take the lost out of bondage. The spirits of Saints of old will assist you as the former rain when you walk as my images on earth.


Triple Grace

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