Prophetic Word for the 2nd of July 2021

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of July 2021 - You are called

Will I not fulfill my promises? Will I not take you into your destiny? I am sending my angels now to collect you all from the four corners of the earth for the wedding and the great harvest.

You are called now by your name to serve me and my Kingdom as never before. Taken over the threshold of time and space to Zion and then into the places that I have prepared for you.

You are called

I see you standing ready in white clothing with your travel token in your hand waiting for the transport to arrive. You edify and support one another. You encourage the next warrior bride with numbers and scriptures.

You are my faithful and selected remnant that I have chosen as brides for my only begotten son but also my true ambassadors and warriors for the end time battles. You were separated for the good of humanity and my lost sheep.

You are called

Now the time has come when you will begin your final journey towards Mount Zion. A dangerous and perilous journey through many valleys of death but my hand is resting on you and my powers are with you always.

During this journey you will collect my lost sheep that I will guide you too and you will set them free on the narrow and righteous path that will lead into my open arms. I can hardly wait to see your harvest that will come to me at that great day. You are called.


Triple Grace

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