Prophetic Word for the 2nd of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of January 2022 - Entering the 222 Season

The new season will allow you to access the new level with me, your true Father. My ways will become your ways throughout all dimensions and realities and you will be the witnesses for my son Jesus and my Kingdom.

The 222 season is the timing for the witnesses who will go out two by two to seek the lost sheep and to set the captives of New Egypt free. My true witnesses are the ambassadors that I have planted in all nations.

Entering the 222 Season

The upcoming tribulations is about the images of the first creation either walking as an image of my son Jesus or being the image of the world and Satan. Either keeping your focus on my Kingdom or living the vanity of the World.

You need to understand that you will face much opposition when you are the witnesses of my son Jesus on earth. The enemy will try to send as many fiery darts against you as possible. But nothing will ever harm you.

Entering the 222 Season

My witnesses will start their missions from Jerusalem, them Samaria to the rest of the World. Every nation will see the Light of my Kingdom entering the dark valleys and all the prison doors created by Satan will be opened.

The 222 season is the time of the great harvest in which you will bring the light, the truth, to the slaves of this new world so that they can make a choice for my Kingdom or to remain in darkness. Be my witnesses in the nations.


Triple Grace

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