Prophetic Word for the 2nd of August 2021

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of August 2021 - Coming into Destiny

Your coming into destiny is a huge event and it comes close to a miracle. You will not only have a new beginning but you will start a new life in the future past. A new chance to serve my Kingdom as never before.

I am calling you forth into your purpose as a prince or princess of the heavenly Kingdom and as a powerful warrior in the Remnant Army of new Zion. Standing as my warrior on the battle fields.

Coming into Destiny

It is like a new birth when the old life has died. A birth into a higher calling and a new dimension. Not yet the supernatural one but still truly blessed with new gifts and mantles from on high.

A destiny that will fit you like a white robe and that will allow you to do all the great things you always wanted to do for the Kingdom but the time was not right. Now this time has come.

Coming into Destiny

You will mount your white horse and you will conquer darkness wherever you encounter it. No place will be closed for you and you will overcome all evil. My overcomers from all 7 churches are the foundation of my holy temple.

I will give you a brave and mighty white horse for each and every battle that you fight. You will ride to the front of the battle lines and everyone will see you. The enemy will flee from your sight and my Kingdom will rejoice. Today you will come into your Destiny.


Triple Grace

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